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Post  ROC on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:31 pm

League of Legends is a Free 2 play MOBA like HoN however it is not built with the Starcraft engine and is already recognized in esports as having the largest live stream audience for any event (including WoW arena battles). They currently have a 5 million prize pool for next years season and cater more to pro gamers and less towards the everyday player.. as in they take what the top players say about game balance and actually adjust mechanics towards professional gaming and not the opinion of players who only play casually or hardly at all. These players often dont understand mechanics and often complain about things that they just dont know how to counter or play against. I would like to petition for some local tournaments for this game. It is free to play, there is a lvl cap of 30 and the item shop only sells skins and boosts but nothing that gives a unfair advantage. This is a pc only game however due to being free, its easy for new players to get into. I would love to help in any way.



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